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These are essays written in the children's own words.

Zero Tolerance in Public Schools - College student Amanda Toohey explores the zero tolerance disciplinary policies in public schools, exposing the school-to-prison pipeline.

Genesis - A child's story about her treatment while being accused of possessing prescription drugs. The drugs were planted in her purse. The district later decided she was innocent of all charges but not until after she had been written a ticket for a felony charge.

No Way Out - A child's experiences after being sentenced to time in a boot camp for accidentally having a scout knife in his coat.

Teen Suicide Attempt - A child's first-hand account of how a school district rushed to punish before the child's mother was able to see her in the hospital.

Biting Taken as Major Offense - A child's story of how a playful action became a focus for a major punishment.

From student: Frustrated utterance leads to prosecution, DAEP

Our policy is to never include names or any other identifying features to protect the privacy of the family and all others involved. If your child would like to submit a story about their experiences please do so.  

Alternative Education Sources

Many parents faced with draconian punishments for minor offenses have decided to remove their children from Texas’ public schools where they feel their rights have been violated. Some have decided to home school while others have placed their children in private or charter schools. The decision to remove your child from public should not be taken lightly. Many private schools require that your child finish the punishment assessed by your school district before they can be considered for admission. Before removing your child from public school, be sure that you have an alternative lined up.

If you want to consider private, contact local churches or school districts (in the case of charter schools) and do searches on the web to be able to get a good list before starting the process. Make sure you visit a number of schools to find the best fit for your child.

Below are some choices that supporters have recommended:

Southern Baptist Academy K-12 - An online school for those interested in home-schooling

Happy Hill Farm and Academy - a project of the Dallas Cowboys gives at-risk children another chance in life. Dallas area

Let us know of alternatives in your area and we'll post.

Student's Corner