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I am a sophomore at Cinco Ranch High School and I am a typical student other then I made a mistake last year as I am sure many of you have read that I had sex in the stairwell at school. That doesn't make me a bad kid I just made a really big mistake. Well, guess what I was punished finally as my school would see it. When I returned at the beginning of this school year the registrar's office weren't too happy that my mom had found away around A-school. But because she had recorded the meeting she had had with the principle there was nothing they could do about it.

The school year started off with everyone looking at me funny and saying things about me and what I had done last year. It was a really hard start to the year for me and because I had earlier been diagnosed with depression I sometimes became very depressed and other times would just ignore what other people said. That can only go so far however.

I had a boyfriend that didn't go to my school so he had no idea about what had happened the year before, and of course I liked it that way. When he and I broke up my grades began to fall, and my life at home became very hard. Although my parents would disagree I do put forth some effort to make descent grades in school. When I began failing classes, dealing with having no friends or friends that really didn't want me around, trouble with work, a hectic home life, and an ex boyfriend who had found out that I was the one who had gotten caught at school and constantly hurting my feelings about it; I decided that life was no longer worth living.

The next day before I went to school I took an overdose on some of my prescription pills along with my little brother's Aderall. I went to school under this condition and my friends noticed that something was wrong with me. I told them what I was trying to do and they decided to report me to the principle in fear that I would succeed.

I was found by a security guard who grabbed me and scared me into running from her because she had actually hurt me as she first approached me. I was afraid and I began to cry as she held me down as we waited for the principle. When he came he continually asked me what I had done and I said nothing I just want to go to class. They had no proof that I had done anything wrong other then the words of other students and I was not confessing to anything.

As I sat in the nurse's office they took my blood pressure and pulse and noticed that the accusations were true as my pulse was high and my blood pressure was low ( at least I think that was the situation I really can't recall but they obviously noticed something was wrong). They continually said they could not help me without knowing what I had taken. I refused to tell them until they finally had my friends in the office with me and I told them. I had finally broken down seeing as I was so sick to my stomach I couldn't take much more.

From there I was taken by ambulance to the ER; my parents had been contacted and where meeting me there. However who else escorted me but not my trusty principle. She followed me to the hospital as I was forced to drink this nasty stuff called charcoal.

The principle was the first to greet my parents and say that I was fine and had just taken an overdose on some pills. She then informed them that I would be expelled from school seeing as that not all of the prescriptions were mine. My mom was appalled she hadn't seen me yet and the 10th grade principle was informing her that I was to be sent to A- school.

When my mom was done with her she proceeded to go and see me when who else should she see but my principle talking to my nurse about my condition and looking at my medical records. What ever happened to confidentiality?

After returning from a mental hospital I went to out appeal to my expulsion. I sat there listening to the school's story just shaking my head at how evil they had made me sound. After everything was said and done we informed the person who was to make the decision that we would be sending him letters from my pediatrician and my psychologist saying that placement in Alternative school would be more harmful to my health then helpful. After presenting this to him he proceeded with the punishment to Alternative school.

I was there for about 3 or 4 weeks when I was tested for special education.

I was taken out of A-school only after I was placed into special ed.

What you would expect from a school with no compassion!

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