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Tarkington ISD v. Ellis

The Ninth District Court of Texas ruled that the Texas Education Code permits Texas school districts to decline to expel students for mandatory disciplinary infractions except for firearms if intent is adopted as a factor in expulsion decisions in the school district’s student code of conduct. From the opinion:

“The central issue in this case is whether Texas law mandates the expulsion of a student for unknowingly possessing a weapon on a school district’s property. We hold that the Texas Education Code permits school districts to decline to expel students for unknowingly possessing prohibited weapons if the districts have adopted intent as a factor in expulsion decisions.”

Ask The Judge

This organization just came to our attention and is a fantastic resource for teens and their parents concerning their rights and other legal issues.

St. John's Journal of Legal Commentary - The Criminalization of Student Discipline  Programs and Adolescent Behavior by Augustina Reyes

TASB Legislative Report - Committees take serious look at DAEPs and JJAEPs (4/18/08)

Zero Tolerance: Where are We Now? - Texas Elementary Principals & Supervisors Association (Editor's note: This is a look into the mind of school administrators and how they make decisions concerning disciplinary action. It also shows where the problems lie in reform.)

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