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Prison track / Texas has to make schools safe for learning without turning misbehaving students into criminals - 11/23/08 Houston Chroncile

Schools Using Many Lessons of Columbine - "One concern is that after a shooting like this there will be a backlash in schools. They'll tighten up zero tolerance, and begin expelling or suspending students who make any kind of threatening statement," he says. "That would be counterproductive, since it closes off communication." - Christian Science Monitor

State must not write off students: Katy district's response to girl's graffiti is latest example of how system is excessively punitive - By Marc Levin, Texas Public Policy Foundation

Rep. Rob Eissler, R The Woodlands and Eddie Evans, Co-Director TZT appear on a segment of Libertarian Politics Live - Listen to the radio interview conducted on 6/19/07 - Rep. Eissler and Eddie discuss what needs to be done. (Note: Segment begins about a minute into the broadcast after a commercial)

Backlash Against 'Zero Tolerance' Grows - By Ray Henry, AP - Story shows a growing trend of parents who are now against zero tolerance laws and disciplinary actions. In an online poll, 76% of 120,000 + respondents are against continuing with zero tolerance policies in our schools.

Graffiti Gets Girl Assigned to Disciplinary School - A 12-Year-Old Has Been Punished for Writing 'I Love Alex' on a Wall - ABC News/Good Morning America Interview

American Psychological Association Report Challenges School Zero Tolerance Policies and Recommends Restorative Justice By Doug Graves and Laura Mirsky

Student shares his police interrogation story with lawmakers; Dutton Introduces Bill to Require Parental Notification before Students Can Be Interogated by Police - KVUE, Austin

CNN - Glen Beck Show (Transcript) - Aired March 8, 2007 - Injustice in Texas

Texas Zero Tolerance Goals Recommended by the Senate

Hink Testimony to Senate Education Committee September 20, 2006

EdNews: An Interview with Marc Levin : Director of the Center for Effective Justice

KSAT Channel 12, San Antonio - Warren HS Senior's 'Wave' Gets Her Kicked Out Of Graduation Ceremony

East Texas Review - Change Requsted of Zero Tolerance Policies

Cut Short: A model student-athlete unthinkingly brings a knife to school and ends up in jail, then expelled. Why one-size-fits-all discipline fails kids. By Todd Spivak of the Houston Press
Article Published Jun 29, 2006

WrightsLaw.com - When Schools Have Children Arrested for School-Related Behavior Problems

Education Reporter Oct '06 - Disturbing Trends of Zero Tolerance

USA Today - 8/9/06 - At schools, less tolerance for 'zero tolerance'

Houston Press: Mind Reading: Is Yvette Lacobie really a terrorist? Did legislators really mean to kick kids out for a butter knife? Is zero tolerance really stupid? (No, maybe and yes.)

LewRockwell.com: On Handcuffed and Felonious Children, by Wendy McElroy

American Bar Association: Zero Tolerance Policy

Alas, zero tolerance policy uses zero common sense; State regs for schools just criminalize, alienate children - March 5, 2005 - Houston Chronicle Outlook Section By FRED HINK

The Heritage Foundation: Six Years After Columbine? Time for Common Sense Again (2005)

Media Reports, Zero Tolerance Studies and other Misc. Data

Texas Eases 'Zero Tolerance' Laws - Time Magazine

Schools becoming more 'tolerant' as 'zero tolerance' rules end - Dallas Morning News

New Texas law seeks common sense instead of 'zero tolerance' in punishment of students - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Tolerance waning for zero-tolerance rules - The Washington Times

Prosecutor: School graffiti law is too tough - By Dave Fehling / 11 News
(TZT Interview)

Discipline Incident Involving Bush High National Honor Student Draws Legislators’ Attention - Fort Bend Now, by Bobb Dunn

Harris County youth boot camp may replace rigorous drills with therapy - 01/28/09
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