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About 3 weeks ago (March 2004) I got 10 days of AEP for biting someone. I was just playing around at lunch one day and bit him.  The next day I was called into the office and sat there for an hour until I was finally called into the principal’s office. When I walked into the office I heard a police officer on his 2-way radio saying "You'll have to wait a little while, I'm here at Taylor with an assault case." Until that point I had no idea why I was there.

I sat in Mr. Stock’s office for about an hour, and I must say I held myself up pretty well, until I heard that the only choice they had for me was A-school.

I broke down. I was to be suspended for 3 days (the rest of the week) and I'd start OAC (Opportunity Awarreness Center - KISD's DAEP) on Monday, during the three days of my suspension they were to have a meeting with the school board and decide if what (I) did was acceptable. I had no hopes and neither did my family. I was going to A-school (OAC), and there was nothing anyone could do.

Well, I was sitting at home and the phone rang, it was my principal. He told me that I wasn't going to go to OAC, but that I was only suspended over night and had 10 days of AEP. In the handbook it clearly states that now I can’t try out for drill team, I had planned to do this for quite some time. I just about started to cry again. Now all my hopes have been crushed. Kids make mistakes, and you can't punish them for something they didn't mean to happen.

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