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The TEA Safe Schools Program is responsible for developing programs within the public school system to approach disciplinary management plans to promote safe campuses in the state. The TEA and been contacted on numerous occasions by parents whose children are wrongly accused or have been punished in an improper way. In response, the Safe schools Program has developed a seminar for School Administrators, Principals, and Teachers. It is our belief that the TEA recognizes that the current disciplinary system does not work and changes to the Chapter 37 Education Code must be reformed to promote common sense and a return to a more positive approach to disciplining children where DAEPs and JJAEPs are used only as a last resort. Below are links to various efforts by the TEA to assist districts in returning to a more balanced approach to disciplining children.

Chapter 37 / Discipline - Law and Order

Student Discipline Incident Identifier - A matrix reflecting current state law. This shows the decision process of school administrators when determining punishment.
Texas Education Agency - Safe Schools Program