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Texas Zero Tolerance
Round Rock ISD

DATE OF INCIDENT: Sept. 8, 2009 - post 171


On 9/8/2009 my son was given a Breathalyzer and interrogated without receiving his Miranda rights being read to him. He is a 19 year old senior at Westwood High School. He was experiencing an adverse reaction to a new medication, he had received by an emergency room doctor seven days prior which made him appear "lupie" when taken with his regular medications. The school had been notified of the ER visit and emailed the discharge papers with the doctors orders as well prior to the incident with the police violating his civil rights. My son is also under the umbrella of the special services department. He had also had to come home the school day prior to the day this incident of harassment occurred.

The Sgt of the "school police" (which are also the county police) called me and told me, my son was "publicly intoxicated". I told him he was under Dr.'s care and was having an adverse medication reaction. He advised me if he was on the street he would be arrested and I would not be receiving this phone call. I advised him again the school had been notified of the situation and my son was not of his own doing in this state of mind. It was after my son was released, I found out they had interrogated him in this condition about other students activities for approximately an hour and half prior to calling me and threaten him if he came back to school in this state they would arrest him for public intoxication. This incident caused my son's anxiety to increase and for him to miss a whole week of school per his psychiatrist's orders!


The principal who called just stated they had a lot of kids coming to school with alcohol in kool-aid and do to his condition, they had to breathalyze him, but he never mention the interrogation. He also did not tell me they police continued to interrogate him after he passed the test or that they did not read him his rights as an adult student.

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