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Texas Zero Tolerance
Henry County, Georgia



My daughter and her friend attended a school basketball game. Before they went to the game they had consumed a small amount of alcohol. They went to the game and were in a large crowd of students. My daughter's friend turned to her and blew in her face because she was afraid her breath smelled. The administration saw this because they were watching for kids drinking. These girls were not drunk or disruptive. The administration came down and took my daughter's friend up to the office for questioning and did a breath test. She registered a .02. They then asked her who her friend was and then came for my daughter and did the same thing. They told the administration what they had done; they took a sip of alcohol at my daughters house before coming to the game. They did not take the alcohol in the car and they had someone else drive because they knew they should not drink and drive. The car was searched and no alcohol was found. We were then notified and told they were suspended for 10 days pending a hearing.


The school board held a hearing and acted like they were giving the students due process. It says in the handbook the hearing would be held to look at the student's grades and disciplinary record and hear the student and parent's testimony to determine the punishment. The vice principle also did not recommend a punishment to the hearing officer. The girls were suspended for the rest of the school year. After the hearing the hearing officer told us that was the least punishment he could give in his position. He said we could appeal before the board of education. We did this because these girls have never been in trouble before and were good students who made a stupid decision. The school board did not change the punishment.


As parents we felt this punishment was too harsh. We did not have a chance to be involved in the process of disciplining and teaching our child. We began to have to fight against this system that did not give a flip about the students and their education. These girls were not treated like decent people and we were not either. The principle would not interact with us. The school administration has set up this process in such a way no one can think for themselves. They follow this procedure that is so cold and void of any reasoning. We were helpless as parents. It made no sense. I have a hard time respecting these administrative state workers that now run our schools. They are not educators. It is a horrible process for parents and students. These girls were active, positive students and they were treated like criminals. Terrorists have more rights then our kids!

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