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Texas Zero Tolerance
Maypearl ISD



On Tuesday 3-9-10 my son was pulled from class and called to the Principal's office. He was told that the drug dog found an interest in his vehicle and a search would be made. Upon the mans search they found a pistol under my sons seat. My son was very surprised and later found out once dad arrived that dad had left it in there over the weekend as a result of their hunting trip. He was brought back to the office where the Principal then called the police. They came and got my son, took him downtown but did not arrest him. They said because they knew it was an accident they just needed him to fill out a statement of what happened; my husband also filled out a statement. The school told my son he could not return to school until this morning, 3-12-10, upon when a conference would be held. The Athletic Director went to talk with the Chief of Police during the week and asked that no charges be pressed and everything dropped as he knew this was merely a horrible accident.


Today, 3-12-10, my husband and our son met with the Vice Principal who informed us son has been placed in DAEP and would not be allowed to attend any of his Senior activities, including "walking". Needless to say our family is devastated and shocked that while no criminal charges were filed he is being treated like a criminal at school among people who should want to better my son, not tear him down. He has spent the entire day crying knowing he will not get to attend Prom, Senior Breakfast, Senior Trip and most importantly will never experience walking across stage. He is on the Varsity baseball team and is one of the top pitchers. Now his chance of getting a baseball scholarship to attend college is ruined. We are deeply saddened and hope by telling our story someone here might be able to help us appeal this decision.

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