Texas Zero Tolerance
Texas Zero Tolerance
Hempstead ISD

DATE OF INCIDENT: 03/08/2010


My child who is 11-years-old was in class when another student knocked his class work from his desk. He asked the student not to do that again. The student pushed my child into a projector. At the time when this incident was happening, the teacher was outside the classroom and her students left unattended. My child had to defend himself because the student was attempting to hit him. The outcome to this incident was that the officer gave both students citations, my child ended up at court, he pleaded not guilty and told the judge that he was defending himself. The judge asked the student if he started the fight with my child and the student responded, "yes". The judge then says that my child was still guilty--for defending himself.


If any student, under the age of 18 is going to be treated as an adult why not let them start buying cigarettes and beer? The officer at our school had enough nerve to tell me that I don't discipline my children at home. He even went as far to say "I discipline my kids and they never act out at school". This officer doesn't realize that there are no perfect children or adults. Our children are in the care of the school district for approximately 7hrs, the school should be responsible for helping parents by disciplining the children instead of making them into criminals. They are minors not adults. Is this really helping the education of our children or is this system basically telling us parents to give up on our children?

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