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Texas Zero Tolerance
Cy-Fair ISD

DATE OF INCIDENT: 17 Sept 2009 - post 171


My 11 year old son was suspended for three days after being assaulted by another child in his Middle School and reacting to being punched on the back several times by pulling the aggressor's hair and pushing him away, meanwhile trying to walk towards a school administrator to report the incident.


They called me to advise me that my son had been involved in an altercation, in which a behavioral specialist had "witnessed" him being hit by another kid and then my child punching the other kid back. At the time of the call, I was told that both children had been aggressive towards each other and that is why my child was being reprimanded. At all times it was agreed that my child had been attacked first and may have been acting in self-defense. According to the AP that called me, it is school policy to punish the victim as well as the aggressor if the victim reacts in any way. After the phone call, my child was spoken to again, and then was agreed that he had in fact NOT thrown a punch at all, and his "mistake" was to have pulled the other child's hair in anger. He was also told that since this was a first offense, he would not be taken to court. This was said to my child after my phone conversation with the AP.


My attempts to schedule an appointment with the school's principal were met with the offer to call me back when the Principal would be available, possible at a later date after the suspension had expired.

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