Texas Zero Tolerance
Texas Zero Tolerance
Cy-Fair ISD

DATE OF INCIDENT: October 21, 2009 - note: After 171


Received a call yesterday from my son's seventh grade A.P., She stated that my son was involved in a fight. She then went on to say, she viewed the tape and observed my son being assaulted by an 8th grade student. She said my son walked away and was followed by the student and assaulted a second time, at which time my son defended himself by hitting the student once. The student continued to assault my son.


I was in absolute shock when the A.P. said my son was going to be given a citation and suspended for 3 days!! What???? Because he defended himself? Isn't that our legal right? To use reasonable force if we are being assaulted? How is defending himself a crime? The citation reads, Disorderly Contact-Affraying...Affraying is when two people premeditate and agree to fight. My son was defending himself!


In addition, when the A.P. told me my son would receive a citation, the officer was not even on the property. Since when does the administration have the authority to make decisions on citations? The District's have totally taken the Common out of Sense.

My boys are very good kids, they are extremely athletic, have a ton of friends, no trouble at all outside of the school !! I truly feel the school is criminalizing our children before they even get a chance to make something of themselves.

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