Texas Zero Tolerance
Texas Zero Tolerance
Aledo ISD

DATE OF INCIDENT: May 29, 2010


My daughter and another girl got into a tiff which ended when my daughter "gave her the bird".


My daughter received 1 day of ISS (In-School Suspension) and, in addition, she received a ticket for Disorderly Conduct.


I am appalled that City/State Government has crept into our schools and taken over the disciplinary action. The only time the police should be involved is when a life is threatened or a real crime is committed. They are ruining any future these kids have by trashing their name for revenue. It is a little strange too, that Aledo ISD reported two weeks ago they are -$3 million in the hole which are desperately trying to overcome.

Additionally, a student in this same class used the F-word and nothing was done at all. This is a terrible injustice and shows the lack of equal protection under the law..

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