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Texas Zero Tolerance
Advantage Accademy - (Waxahachie Charter School)



Filed a police report that child made a "Terroristic Threat" with the Local Police department. The local Police department immediately closed the case. The School district then Expelled the student for 180 school days.

AA Response:

Although the School District claims the Autistic student is such a danger to his environment that the Autistic student had to be expelled for 180 school days, the student was not removed from campus, nor was the student removed from classroom environment until over 5 days after the incident allegedly occurred and the Waxahachie police department had already closed the case as not a Terroristic Threat.


Furthermore, the student was not expelled until the parent of the Autistic child refused to do what the School District wanted.

Note: Charter schools are publicly funded schools and are considered public. They have the same adherence to state laws as does regular ISDs.

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