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You can help to insure your parental rights by emailing the Texas State Legislature. We need you to do this immediately. The more the Legislature hears from you about your concerns, the more likely they will act to change the system. When we went to the Legislature in 2005, we only had about 20% support for our cause. After they received at least one email each day from concerned taxpayers, we won unanimously and gained the Governor’s support as well. It is true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease and we can make our concerns extremely squeaky.

Your email does not have to be long; just express your concerns and support for returning parental rights to the parents of Texas. (click here for a sample email)

The more emails we have from the citizens of Texas, the better chance we will all have in gaining our parental rights within public schools. Please, make a difference today!
We Need Your Help - Email the Texas State Legislature Today!
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Two Options: Check the box below to simply use the sample email as your letter to the legislature and hit submit or write below to express your support for parental rights in Texas!

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Note: If you are concerned about spelling, we suggest that you write your email in a word processing package and then copy and paste into the above box. Thanks for doing your part.
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