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This is a sample of an email you can send to the state legislature. You may copy this and email it in though it would be more effective if you put your thoughts together and wrote your own. Either way, the sooner you send it in, the better. And, please, feel free to send in more emails expressing concerns over other issues within the zero tolerance framework. Thanks:

To the Honorable Legislators of Texas,

I am a parent and taxpayer and am becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of parental rights within the Texas public schools. When a child can be detained, interrogated, and arrested without parental knowledge and/or consent is tyrannical at best. I respectfully ask that you consider two areas to improve Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code:

Immediate parental contact when a child is accused of any infraction that may result in removal from school for at least one day – known as disciplinary placements. Children have the right to protect themselves from incrimination and so parents/guardians must be given the right to be present prior to their child being questioned by law enforcement.

Once punishment has been determined, there must be a non-biased appeals process to be ultimately decided by the Board of Trustees of the public school district.

I fully support HB 1324 but want it strengthened to include immediate parental contact and a defined appeals process to be uniform across all school districts.

These two items will go a long way toward ending the senseless application of disciplinary laws toward those that Chapter 37 did not intend to be punished. I fully support Texas Zero Tolerance and their efforts to secure the rights of parents in Texas.


John and Jane Doe
2424 Maple
Katy, TX 77450

Sample Email to the State Legislature