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Woodville ISD



Cell phone went off on vibrate in the classroom and teacher wanted the phone. My daughter gave the phone to the teacher but kept the battery.  She was taken to the office where the principal attempted to browbeat her into giving her the battery.  The principal called me and said my daughter refused to give her the battery...the whole time I was on the phone with the principal she was harassing my daughter.  Finally under duress my daughter told her to "shut the hell up" she wasn't getting the battery.  The principal then shouted to someone to call the LAW.  They gave her a ticket for disorderly conduct because of her language and this Judge is fining my daughter $557.00 for her part!


None...the Superintendent is totally on the side of the school.  Seems like it's ok to call the law every time something goes on.  It was even ok when they gave her corporal punishment which left her black and blue.  And do you think the law ever did anything about that one?!