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Wichita Falls ISD


My six-year-old grandson hit a little girl on the backside.  They were in the process of a chase game.  The little girl went home and told of him chasing her all the time.  The little girl's parents went to the school.

My grandson's mother was notified.  She punished him.  He did it again to another little girl under the same circumstances. The teacher took a note from the little girl that she had passed to my grandson.  It was child stuff, nothing out of the way and sent it to the little girl's parents so they would know it was two-fold.


I'm 67 years old. This went on when I was a child. There was never any thought on the school's part that this was sexual harassment.  This has gone into my grandson's permanent file as sexual harassment. He spent the whole day plus lunch, and recess in the principle's office with the principle. If it occurs again he will go to Denver (TX), which is a school for children that are discipline problems for an undisclosed period of time or spend two days in the office of the principal.  This will go into his file as permanent.


Why has our society got to the point that they take normal child play and make it sexual?