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January 2006: Zero-Tolerance continues to be destructive tool in our school system.  My 13-year-old granddaughter was involved in an altercation at this school.  She was in a gym class and was playing basketball following all of the rules as set down by the instructor, when the person she was guarding all of a sudden told her if she put her hands on her she would slap her, my granddaughter proceeded to play the game as instructed, and the other student slapped her hard across the face, the teacher standing there hearing the other student make the threat, let it happen. My granddaughter pushed back.


My granddaughter was handcuffed in front of the school, taken to the off campus police department, and now has a criminal record that will follow her the rest of her life for defending herself.  The altercation lasted all but (1) minute, the girl had been friends in the past, and are friends again now.  The mother was not called until after the handcuffing. The mother was not notified of this policy.


My granddaughter had just transferred to this district and came to them from a Magnate school where she made straight "A's" and had never had "ANY" disciplinary problem, have never incited an incident in her life, and is not that type of student to do that.  This was her first incident and the other student started this with the teacher witnessing it and telling the school officials that my granddaughter did not start it.

They gave no considerations to my granddaughter's past history, or anything else.

My granddaughter was the first incident they used Zero Tolerance on, and the reason they gave was it had just been implemented in November 2005.  All cases before this not punished. 

We are very upset over this incident and have contacted an attorney.