Texas Zero Tolerance
Texas Zero Tolerance
Round Rock ISD


March 24, 2009


A child tripped on the stairs and fell into another child. That child then dragged the first child down the steps by the shirt. At the bottom of the steps the child that tripped, pushed the other child to get him away from himself and that child then started a fight where in both children were punching each other.


Two-day Out of School Suspension for the child defending himself and goes on record so the next time an incident might occur he will be sent to an opportunity school. Do not know the punishment of the other student.


This incident according to the school is not considered self-defense since the child decided to throw punches, had he just walked away that would have been self-defense. Although in the student code of conduct handbook distributed by the school self-defense is defined as the initial use of force in order to protect yourself.

This will go on the student’s school file and will be marked against him if anything occurs in the future.

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