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Pittsburg ISD

Editor's Note: TZT has received two different emails accusing this district of misuse of the Chapter 37 codes regulating student disciplinary policies in our public schools. Unfortunately there is nothing that TZT can do in this matter other than to report it here. The text's of the two emails:

Email 1:

Our high school, Pittsburg High School in Pittsburg, Texas is in desperate need of some checks and balances regarding the placement of students in DAEP. The Chapter 37 laws are not being followed at all by the principal of our school, we have brought it to the superintendent’s attention, and it still remains the same. They have never given any parent a 3 day conference prior to placing a student in DAEP, as well as using DAEP as a catch all, whether or not the so called offense falls anywhere close to the Chapter 37 guidelines.

The tickets are totally "out of control" also. Tickets have been issued for such things as saying "heck," "wack" and "oh my god" in class. A ticket was also issued to a student for "catching a cricket" in class and a T-shirt being one inch longer than allowed. The judge will not allow the student to tell their side of the story in court. If they want a trial, the student can only ask questions of the principal, school officer and teacher to try to defend himself in court. 90% of the time they are found guilty and have to pay extra court fines.  The parent is not allowed to speak at all in the courtroom. Our school district is totally out of control and desperately in need of help. Please institute some checks and balances and repercussions for schools not following the laws set forth by the legislature.

Email 2:

Our drop out rate has dramatically increased due to the tickets and the misuse of DAEP. This year alone, we have had 64 dropouts and many teachers are relocating to other school districts. Our principal of the high school believes he is above the law, and does not choose to follow the guidelines in Chapter 37 regarding placements in DAEP. Your help is desperately needed in our school district.