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North East ISD


My grandson was in a scuffle with another child in the restroom Thousand Oaks Elementary.  He is twelve years old and according to the school admin and the school police they are saying it was INDENCEY with a Child.  The two boys were arguing and the other boy told my grandson that he was going to place my grandsons head down by his privates, my grandson did it to him instead.  The other child went to the office and all hell broke loose.  They now have eight other students claiming the same thing had been done to them.  My grandson is still a child??????


My grandson was suspended for five days, two at home and three at the JJA, he was told after he completed his five days then he could go back to school and everything would be put behind them as long as he was in no other trouble.  He did this and was doing just fine until last week, they have now charged him with the charge mentioned above and have expelled him from school.


I was not notified of this incident until after they had him write a statement and sent him home with a overnight suspension.  Why are they allowed to punish him twice and not keep their word?  Is this not double jeopardy; are the school districts above the law?  What happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? What happened to the right to face your
accusers?  I have tried to register him at a different district and that district received a call from NEISD and they had me withdraw him, he currently is being home schooled because I refuse to let him be punished over and over for this.  NEISD recommends that he attend the JJA for 34 days (end of year) and I do not agree.  What can I do, where do I go for assistance?