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New Deal ISD


August 2005: My son was accused of saying a sexual remark to a girl. The police were called and he was interrogated without the presence of my wife or I. We were called but were too late to take part. I had to drive 20 minutes to get there. Three grown men, the principal, assistant principal, and policeman, intimated him and got him to admit he had pulled his drawers down and exposed his buttocks purposely. They said there was no intimidation.

How would you feel if you were 13 and three men kept hammering at you to admit you had done it? My son is a freshman at New Deal High School.

After talking with him away from the school he told us he was not the one that made the remark.  We went back and told the principal. We presumed there was follow up since the sexual harassment was removed from the paper work. He was still accused of pulling his drawers down and being a liar.

The written statements from the other kids only said they saw him pull up his pants, that he was wearing baggy pants and said they kept falling down. 


He was sent to DEAP for 30 days.


I don't see how the sentence fit the offense. It has become a show of power with the administration.  They will not admit they were wrong and I will not back down that they were. They say due process was served. I say it wasn't since my son had no legal counsel or his parent with him during the interrogation.  Criminals have more rights.