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Klein ISD


My son “de-pants” another boy in P.E. class.  He was told to run monster laps as a punishment instead of going to the office.  The next day, the other child's father came to school and reported this as sexual harassment. 


My son, who did not intend to pull the other child's boxers down along with the shorts has been "sentenced" to 6 days ISS, and 30 days in a alternative education school.


I did withdraw him to home-school him until the 30 days is over because his mistake was not done with malicious intent. This was his first offense ever; he makes good grades and has good conduct.  We attempted to appeal to the hearing officer without success.  The police were called but they decided not to ticket my child with any offense...however, the principal still called this a level III offense. I do not understand how this can be classified along with being in possession of a controlled substance, felony assault or possession of alcohol or firearm...this was only horseplay. This happened in Klein ISD - Houston, Texas