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Klein ISD


March 2006: My daughter made a report of assault by contact against a boy and was told that because she pushed him away from her after he had pushed her so hard ("body-slam") that she lost her balance that she would be punished equally.  There was more to the incident but the body slam was the initial PHYSICAL contact.  The boy initiated aggressively hostile behavior toward my daughter and it escalated to the body slam.


When I spoke to one of the Principals about the situation he told me I should drop it or it would be worse for my daughter.  All I had asked for was a report stating what had occurred and what the school was doing about it.  When he made it clear he would go after my daughter we made a police report and the school has acted in a maliciously retaliatory manner.  They filed a complaint against my daughter for contact by assault for pushing the boy away.


To my knowledge, they took no action against the boy.  We go to court Thursday, March 16, 2006 at which time we will plead not guilty.  We cannot afford a lawyer and will pursue this as best we can.  Along with my concern for my family, I am greatly concerned for other students who feel they cannot seek assistance from the people who are responsible for protecting them and maintaining a safe environment in the school system.