Texas Zero Tolerance
Texas Zero Tolerance
Klein ISD

May, 2008


My kid, who was 12 years at the time, was arrested and charged with Class C Misdemeanor Theft.  Some kids (who my kid had reported threats from) decided to play a prank and place a video game (prohibited at school) into my kid's backpack while the class was out at recess.  The same individuals then reported that the game was "stolen" and my kid probably had it in his backpack.  Although none of the sworn statements affirm an eyewitness account, the School Administration acted on their behalf.


My kid was searched and the item was found in the backpack. My kid was subsequently arrested and charged with Class C Misdemeanor Theft and offered probation.  We have spent thousands on a "Stupid Kid Prank" that has many elements of RACISM. 


Klein ISD officials have refused to meet with us.  After repeated requests we were referred to the same individuals who conducted the "unbiased" search.  It appears that Klein ISD is attempting to eradicate a good majority of its students in this manner.

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