Texas Zero Tolerance
Texas Zero Tolerance
Klein ISD


April 9, 2009


My daughter and her boyfriend were talking while waiting for their bus after school. The associate principal called out their names to go to speak with him. When my daughter asked what she had done wrong he told her she knew what she did, smiled and told her to have a nice weekend. I later received a call for him and was told my daughter had 3 days of out of school suspension for what is called a PDA "personal display of affection". I never received any other explanation nor did I receive any documentation. I requested a meeting to appeal the disciplinary decision.


The Principal refused to give me a written definition of what is considered a PDA and a list of the disciplinary actions that are given for each offense. I was also denied a witness of my choosing to the meeting and the AP assigned to my daughter was also not able to attend. He then changed the 3 days out of school suspension to 5 days of in school suspension and refused to let her participate in after school activities. I also learned that her disciplinary report was altered after I received a copy the day before. When questioned I received no explanation.


What kind of school expects children not to show any kind of personal display of affection and what exactly is considered a PDA? How far are they allowed to take this? When is talking to another student against school rules?

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