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February 2006: My 12-year-old son was goofing around with a tennis ball with a friend in the hallways of his junior high. He soft tossed it into the air and missed his friend. The trajectory brought it down and it brushed a female student’s nose. This was witnessed by a teacher who then questioned the girl. She repeatedly appealed to the girl to go to the nurse’s office despite the fact that the incident startled the girl but did not cause any pain. Finally, the girl acquiesced and went to the nurse’s office.

The teacher then took my son to the principal’s office.


KISD police were called though I never was. He was charged by the principal with a Level IV disciplinary infraction and was then given a ticket by the KISD police for assault with bodily injury.

Additionally, my son was remanded to DAEP until August 10, 2006.


My son has had no other disciplinary actions taken against him except talking in class.  I am stunned...and it seems we had no recourse, as the "Appeals Hearing” seemed to be a joke and does not address the big question of how this got to this level...