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Katy ISD


November 2005: A student had brought a rum bottle to the bus stop and drank the bottle on the bus. An 8th grade girl liked the look of the bottle and asked him not to throw it away because she wanted the bottle. She placed in her backpack but then thought better of the situation and gave it to another girl who threw it on the ground outside, breaking it. The Principle last week said that there would be no punishment for her, but there is for the boy who brought it and drank it. 


The next week, she is called to the principles office at 11:00, where she sat and ate lunch there until 2:30 when it is time to go home.  NEVER once was a called made to the parents until after school. They are then informed that she is on 3 days suspension and A-school (DAEP) for 20 days. This was the exact same punishment as the kid who did drink the rum.


She is a good kid. We’ve had some problems with the principal (the one who decided to enforce punishment) because some boys had been harassing her at school. We had asked them do something about it but they hadn’t. A-school is the last place she needs to go. We agree that 3 days suspension would be good enough but not A-school.  What else can they do?  How do you fight the big giant on your kid’s behalf?