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Katy ISD: False Accusation

My daughter, an "A-B" student and very outgoing freshman, rode to a football game with some new friends.  After picking her up, they went to Sonic and all got slushies. One of the kids spiked his drink with alcohol that he took from his parent's house, and started passing it around. My daughter refused, and when she got to the game, she decided to hang out with another set of friends. The kids she rode with got caught going back to the car for more booze. The officers asked whom all rode with this boy, and my daughter's name was mentioned.

They literally hunted her down and pulled her out of the game. She was called a liar. One assistant principle even smelled her breath and said he couldn't smell any alcohol. Nevertheless, she was issued a ticket for "Minor in possession" and sentenced to 0AC (Opportunity Awareness Center - KISD's DAEP) for 10 weeks, even though she had not sipped one drop of alcohol.

I took the appeal to the head principal. We had a conference with him and 3 other principals at the school that were present at the football game. Because my daughter was incensed by the false accusation, they concluded that her behavior was out of line and therefore she must've been drunk. My request for dismissal was denied, and she was sent to OAC.

While at the OAC, she had to wear shoes without laces, and be screened upon entering the school: metal detector, all pockets turned inside out, etc. She was not allowed to speak or sit with other students for the first few weeks.  She was treated like a criminal, and placed in a school with juvenile delinquents and drug dealers.  She had to carry her books in a milk crate because backpacks were not allowed. Say what you like, but that school is a prison.

The teachers and principals at OAC also agreed that she had no business being there, but this fell on deaf ears at the high school. I called the Superintendent and was told that it would do no good to fight it. Any request for a new hearing would be denied, because they had to trust the decisions made by their staff at the high school.

Once we got to court, 9 weeks later, all charges against my daughter were dropped and dismissed. Unfortunately by then, it was approaching mid-term exams. She was told that she could return to Taylor High immediately, but she would have to take Taylor High exams, or she could choose to stay and finish the exams at OAC. Because she would have had to take exams at Taylor, and would have no idea what had been covered in the past 10 weeks, she chose to stay and finish the semester at OAC.

When she was allowed to return to her school, she was labeled as an OAC troublemaker. Her principle, softball coach, other students, and teachers have discriminated against her ever since then. The softball coach didn't want to let her try out for the team, but after I complained, he was forced to allow it. He placed her on the JV team and she sat the bench the entire season. She was then told not to request Softball PE the next semester. She no longer is enjoying her high school years, and hates being at that school. It is a whole different ball game when you get to the high school level. They might as well have tattooed a scarlet OAC to her forehead!  Nice, huh?

We have had several other small incidents since then of which I've complained but have never gotten any kind of satisfaction.

As for my daughter, well, this all started in the 1st semester of her freshman year. She is a junior now and cannot wait to rid her life of this school system. She can't wait to leave Katy and be able to start off with a clean slate at a college far away. She has even encouraged us to move out of KISD (which is unheard of coming from a high school student) and if we could afford to do so, we would. 

I am also concerned with when or if my son will fall prey to this madness. But I, like most others before me, have felt powerless to do anything about it. There should be no such thing as zero tolerance.

Each case should be looked at individually, and intent should be considered.

We sorely wish we had never moved to Katy, to the supposedly "superior" school district. There is nothing exemplary about the way they treat our children here. It is a military environment with Hitler ideals.  If you are not "perfect", get out, or we will get you out.  It makes me sick to pay the school taxes every year, knowing I am supporting this behavior. I intend to move out of Katy, just as soon as possible. 

This was all TWO YEARS AGO, but the pain still burns and I'm sure it always will in the heart of my daughter.  Such a sad and unnecessary thing! They have totally ruined her high school experience, and scarred her for life, all in the name of ZERO TOLERANCE.  How proud they must be.

KISD Mother
Katy, TX