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Katy ISD: Bullying in our Schools

I have three children in KISD schools.  My youngest boy attends Pattison and has been assaulted at that school three times.  In each instance he was being a normal boy and the other student became angry and violent.  In one instance he was beaten severely by a boy while he was at the Pattison Carnival because the other child was angry about his hat being tossed between my son and another boy.  After he was beaten by the aggressor a police officer at the scene evaluated the situation and offered to have the other boy charged with assault and battery.  I concluded that the confrontation the aggressor had with me and the police officer was enough of a lesson and dropped the matter.  The next day at Pattison the administrators learned of the experience from the parents of the aggressor and, without contacting us, went immediately to my son's class and openly berated him for his "bad" behavior.  My son was humiliated by the zero-intelligence administrators who had no clue and no concern about the truth.  I find it amazing that the zero-intelligence administrators think they know more about how to assess a matter and apply their idea of "justice" than a police officer who was at the scene!

In another incident at this same zero-intelligence school my son was calling "brick" when an aggressive boy was shooting a basketball.  The aggressor then followed my son into a classroom and viciously assaulted him before the teacher arrived.  The aggressor pushed my son against a wall and hit him repeatedly.  When the aggressor then stuck his finger in my son's eye to gouge it out my son kicked him in the groin to get him off and save his eye.  The zero-intelligence administrators again meted out exactly the same punishment for my son as for the aggressor.

My other son attends McMeans which seems to be even lower in intelligence than the zero-intelligence Pattison.  My son there had been told by a fellow student that he was "going to kick his ___" over something that offended him in the lunchroom.  Other students had heard this threat.  Later that day in the locker room this student cornered my son and the two were surrounded by a group of other boys chanting for the two to fight.  The boy who had made the threat then pushed my son against a locker and hit my son.  My son had the option of being beaten to a pulp plus bearing the label of "chicken" for the rest of the time he was at McMeans or defending himself.  He chose to do what the law allows and defend himself.  The Vice Principal dealing with this issue had no intention of considering the fact that the other boy had made threats an! d that my son had to defend himself.  Because I would not accept their decision to punish my son the same as the aggressor the less-than-zero-intelligence administrators called in a constable to the school to threaten my son with a charge of assault!  Obviously we, the parents, are not supposed to question the moronic non-decisions that are mandated by the zero-tolerance policy.

Our frustration has not only been with the asinine policies of KISD but also with the fact that KISD can find morons like the Principal and Vice Principal at McMeans to blindly obey the non-thinking mandates!  Are jobs that hard to find that people are willing to park their brains at the door to take a job in KISD?  Will there be a point at which even these blind puppets will say "nyet" to the KISD fascist policies?  God help us (oops, I said a dirty word!!!).

A parent committed to bettering our nation and schools

Katy, TX