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Fort Bend ISD


Some students basically hacked into the school's computer system, changing over 60 students grades (front page, Houston chronicle, sat. may 3rd) I was one of the students that were called in for my interview. I was told that I needed to relinquish my cell phone, as it was "part of a police investigation". When told my grades were changed, I was in total shock. After being aggressively questioned, I was finally allowed to call my parents. My mother does not speak English so I had to tell her in Vietnamese to pick me up. When I attempted doing so, I was yelled at, my AP repeated that I "don't tell her anything. You don't tell her anything what are you saying just tell her to pick you up". That was the first straw. I thought they were going to explain to my English speaking father when he arrived, but rather just gave him a discipline slip, which said I was suspended for the next 3 days for "withholding information (of which I had no knowledge of anything), all of which was during my TAKS testing days.

I was allowed in to school for testing but needed to leave immediately after I turned in my test. As I finally got to talk to come other students, my friend was interview by his AP, he informed me that he was "cussed at", "yelled at", "intimidated", "threatened with expulsion", "coerced", and "he kept slamming the table and yelling at me that I knew about the situation".

I thought the ordeal was over and decided to move on and get back to my studies on Monday. My AP called my in Monday afternoon and told me she had assigned me to P.A.S.S. (positive attitude = student success) otherwise known as the school's CAEP (DAEP) program. When ask why, she just stated that I should call my dad and tell him to come in for orientation. As he came in the following day (today) we talked to XXXX, another AP, who then said he didn’t know the situation and referred us to Mrs. Regina James, who then said that I would have to take it up with our principal, XXXX, the same women who sent Pavlos Karnezis to boot camp and attempted to ruin his future, the same women, who in her years of taking over the school had numerous teachers leave each year because of her "Hitler-like dictatorship, and her "power trip ego". She did not have my file, did not have any evidence implicating that I had any knowledge of the hacking, but still said, "I should’ve known about it". When I tried to explain my side of the story, she would just reply that "she understands but I should've known"


The school district has not done a thing about the numbers of students that they wrongly accused, aggressively interviewed, and the kids they placed in the CAEP P.A.S.S. program for " withholding information" that they did not have in the first place.  (Principal) refused to talk to parents on the day of the first interviews (Tuesday, April 29th). When asked why I was not allowed a parent in my interview, she simply replied, "We don't need your parents to talk to you". I asked her that since the "this is a police investigation" was told to me at the very beginning when my cell phone was taken, that would make it illegal for them to talk to me, a minor at 15 yrs of age. I am pretty sure they told that to all the students, to intimidate them while their parents weren't there. I attend the medical academy, like most of the interviewed kids and live about 45 minutes away, allowing my parents no time to rush to the school. She then ignored my question and moved onto referring us back to my AP. My father then asked if she could stop making us go in circles and she finally provided us with XXXX number, the supervisor above her. We were unable to contact him today for some reason.


I am not the only child who was involved in this who has never had a record. None of the children that are now in CAEP with me has had a record. We were all placed in there because we "withheld information". We were all denied to call our parents before the interview was over. Our parents did not receive any notices, whether by letter, phone call, or email, as to why were placed in P.A.S.S. or why we were suspended at all. Some students even stated racial comments uttered from the mouth of Mr. XXXX, the AP. He stated that, "it was all of you Asian kids". I personally find this very offensive.

Because this is "the district’s ruling that all students who ‘knew’ must be sent to CAEP, and expelled from their academies (medical, engineering, computer, media), I would like for your organization to help me out in this matter. (TZT is not equipped nor expert enough to assist in any case reported to us. It is extremely unfortunate that we were unable to become involved with these cases.) I am a student who gets A's and B's and have messed up in grades here and there, but I am an honorable student who has never gotten in trouble before, who's never had any disciplinary actions. In fact, every teacher I know at the school would vouch that I am an honorable student, because I am the one who helps other kids out, who tells them not to cheat, that they can achieve the same grades if they attempted to. Even as I sit in CAEP, I helped other students on their essays, at my own risk. I understand that being in CAEP is not going to change. What I need to be changed is that I really want to return to this medical academy next year, my dream is to become a pharmacologist, and this is the best opportunity available to me, or else I would wake up at 5 am to catch a bus. I just want my besmirched record un-smirched of this preposterous accusation. Her accusations and prejudice caused my to lose my medical internships, and possibly ruined my future goals.