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I have been a student at Hightower High School (FBISD) for nearly two years. I was in the Medical Science Academy for one year, almost two years of Engineering Academy (doubled-up), and have participated in many extra-curricular activities that have benefited HHS, including, Rifle Team (JROTC), Honor Guard (JROTC), Flag Detail (JROTC), Academics Team (JROTC), Robotics Club, TSA, HOSA, and others which I cannot remember. Although I know I haven't been a straight-A student, nor have I been the kindest person in the world. But one thing I have stayed true to is being an Honest and Trustworthy person when it came down to it.

Not too long ago, there were reports of grade changes and transcripts being modified, I didn't think too much about. Then on the date of Tuesday, March 29, 2008, I was called into an office by an administrator from another district. I was just barely finished with my TAKS test, and next thing I know, I am being searched and patted down. They confiscated all my items including a wallet (credit cards, ATM cards, drivers license, etc.) my phone, and my car and house keys. I was soon given my wallet back, but they held my keys til 7pm, and I didn't get my phone back until recently when my dad went to go pick it up. They pretty much questioned and "interrogated" me for the next 6-7 hours, made me sign and write all kinds of statements, and I was later asked to make a statement by the Police and some Detective. All of this without informing my father whatsoever, he didn't find out until I was released at 7pm and got home at around 8pm, although I remember other parents at the scene with their children, so apparently some were informed in advance, and some were not (some serious BS considering the District is supposed to be on top of their stuff).

My father was real angry about the whole incident. He later called and asked for copies of all the documentation I wrote and signed, and they agreed to submit those to us, but when it came down to it, they never did, even after we went up to the school in the afternoon. During the investigation, my father was left completely clueless as to what was going on, although some other parents were fully informed, and next thing we know, an administrator is calling our house to inform us that I have been suspended for 3 days, and transferred to MR Woods (DAEP) for this year and all of next school year.

As far as the situation goes, I was accused of accessing some sort of website with teacher passwords or something, which I was just confused about. I remember seeing some students on the computer accessing some grade books or something of the sort, and also seeing some teacher passwords being looked at by students, but that’s as far as my knowledge went. At one point, I was asked to help in obtaining some program called ClassXP or SassyXP, but I told that person that I didn't want to get involved with that crap. I've pretty much known these students were up to something, but was afraid to report it to the authorities, I just didn't want to get involved at all. So apparently, those students carried out with the plan or w/e, and got caught, two of the students were caught red-handed with all the evidence necessary, and action WAS taken against them. But because there were about 60 students with grades changed, all of them had to be called in and questioned, I soon found out that I was one of those people, and although I brought up the mistake to the authorities long before hand, they still thought that I had something to do with it. I can estimate like 10 other people that were severely punished, and I KNOW they are completely innocent. Including XXXX and XXXX, both close friends. They were also suspended and sent to PASS or MR Woods alternative school. We have discussed this with our parents and other peoples parents too, and they all agree that the administration has failed completely and now they are screwing up innocent student' futures.


It is the DA's decision and it is final, sorry we have reason to believe that your son IS in fact involved (no evidence). Well, what can a parent and/or student do in this situation? It is nearly impossible to find an attorney that handles these types of cases, and we've already consulted many.