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Cy-Fair ISD


A student on a school field trip that was chaperoned by his high school teachers and Assistant Principle purchased a harmless souvenir pocket knife at a gift store.  While he was purchasing it, two of his teachers witnessed him buying it (2 Cy-Fair teachers who knew before hand that he was considering purchasing the souvenir knife!  In fact, they both joked about the purchase as he and another student were at the checkout counter with them when the purchase was made.  In addition, one of them was asked if they thought it would be OK.  They both, as representatives of Cy-Fair school saw NO HARM in their purchase, nor did they warn them in advance of the consequences by purchasing them.... these 2 teachers who know the rule book better than the kids!

What is even more distressing is the action of the Assistant Principle (AP). While the AP states she assessed the store and found it safe, she returned quickly to the bus where other chaperons, including the Choir Director were with them.... The AP could have stayed in the store until the last student left, but instead chose to return to the comfort of the bus.  Oddly, the display promoting these "illegal weapons" (that the school is naming them as) was a large display near the cash registers...in clear view.

This is so unfair to the 2 kids who were polite and cooperative with the AP.  They quickly relinquished their purchases to the AP when she asked for them.  She told them "she would hold on to them until the end of the trip".... Period!  She said nothing about any rules or indicated that the two kids were in trouble.

Had the boys known of the trouble in store for them, these 2 bright students stated they would have easily have returned the pocket knives for a refund or disposed of them.... the bus was still in the parking lot waiting for other students to board.  THERE WAS NO MAL-INTENT ON THEIR PART!

The facts are that these are model students who didn't even realize they made a mistake.  They were on a Choir field trip, with teachers supervising them.  These fine young role-models students who have proudly represented their school during their 4-year tenure in football, track, choir, and other extra curricular events are 3 WEEKS FROM GRADUATION!!!  The State, Regional, and District awards won and earned between them are to numerous to mention.   One of the students has been selected on many occasions to represent LCHS on recruiting trips to middle school by the same principal who signed his expulsion letter.   Since he has been expelled, just yesterday one of his teachers came by to visit and present him with 4 awards he earned, including one state recognition.  He is graduating Cum Laude, and has just received a $40k college scholarship for his contributions to his community, his school, and his academic achievements, and his leadership abilities that he has displayed over his 4-year stay at Langham Creek High School in Cy-Fair.


The school principal suspended them for three days, reviewed the case and then signed a letter of expulsion!!  The Principal's decision to expel these two students and force them to finish their school year at a "jail-house, lock-down" school for juvenile criminals, is completely unfair and bordering on insane.

Yes, the students made a poor choice, but only after clearance from 2 teachers of their high school!  They both have served their suspension of 3 days, that should be enough and these students should be allowed to return to their school and allowed to graduate with their fellow students.


An appeal has been submitted to the school district for the 7 of May.  The parents of one of students are volunteers in every capacity at the school their child attends.  One of them was elected volunteer of the year and is President of the Booster Club.  These are way above average people.  What the Principal has done to them is a travesty.