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Cypress-Fairbanks ISD


I am a mother of a daughter who attends the Cy-Fair ISD. My daughter was charged with a state felony for possession of a single Vicodin pill, which was planted in her binder. Please make your children aware of this little trick. People will hide a pill in someone’s binder, backpack ,even in pens, etc. Then they make an anonymous call to Crimestoppers and collect a money reward for everyone they (set up) turn in. This is much more profitable than getting a couple of bucks per pill sold. These crooks continue to walk the halls of our schools, they are too clever to get caught, while innocent students end up with a felony record that could prevent them from receiving scholarships, getting into the better universities and even prevent them from voting. Zero Tolerance is making criminals of our children and destroying young peoples lives. I have talked to law enforcement officers and school administrators who are very well aware of this and do nothing. WHY? They told me that these kids know where the camera’s are, scope out naïve students and are never in possession of drugs by the time they  catch up to them. So while all the innocent students are sent to alternative school, the drug pushers are still in the regular schools looking for their next victims.

To tell the truth, I did not want my daughter to return to the regular school district. The teachers in the alternative school showed a lot more genuine concern and compassion for their students than the regular school. They are what teachers are suppose to be. Educators who really want to get involved with their students and do what it takes to see the students succeed academically and personally. My daughter loved these teachers and misses them so much.  She felt safe at the alternative school and became close to her teachers, who showed they really cared for her and her future.

The regular school district halls are unsafe and I pray every day now that my daughter has returned. What has she learned from this? WATCH your back all the time, TRUST no one! Be Afraid! This sounds more like a prison setting to me, rather an educational institution!

You may share this story without my name. Thank you!

A Cy-Fair Mother