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Conroe ISD


My 11-year-old son who is in 6th grade accidentally tripped a fire alarm while attending school one Friday. My son swears he set the alarm off accidentally but according to CISD even if it was an accident that doesn’t matter under the school’s zero tolerance policy.


A CISD assistant principal contacted me, his mother, with a call that no parent wants and probably doesn’t think they will ever get about a child as young as 11. The assistant principal informed me that my son had pulled a fire alarm and that it was a felony offense. The assistant principal then put a CISD police officer on the phone. The officer informed me that he was arresting my son. My 11-year-old son was handcuffed at the school and taken to juvenile detention. Later on that day a juvenile detention official contacted me. The juvenile detention official told me that they had my son and that they were going to keep him over the weekend, until his detention hearing on Monday. I pleaded and begged them to let my son go but they said they had to keep him over the weekend. On Monday my son was finally released back into my custody.


My 11 year-old son who had never once been in trouble before was arrested and spent the weekend in jail for accidentally triggering a fire alarm. My son was suspended from school and could not go anywhere without a parent or guardian present during his suspension. He could not ride his bike or go skateboarding by himself. I have spoken with numerous other parents who cannot believe that a kid could be arrested for something like this.

The case as reported in the media