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Comal ISD


My 9th grade son, who has never been in trouble in his life and makes good grades is in trouble.  Upon the request of a friend of his, he gave his friend a "boost" so that he could set off the fire alarm with a lighter.  This action initiated the sprinkler system to activate which then flooded the boy's bathroom and hallway.  My son and his friend were brought to the office and the Fire Marshall and police were called.  I WAS NEVER CALLED.  The only reason I found out is because my son texted me as he sat in the office "mom i'm in trouble- please come to school" followed by "i'm probably going to jail."  I called the school and the Fire Marshall asked me to meet him at the Juvenile Probation Center.


Upon arrival, I found my son in hand and leg shackles- terrified.  They treated him like he was a terrorist. He was then sent to the Juvenile Detention Center for 48 hours. This experience absolutely mortified him.  Mind you, he was "sorry" when he realized what he did when the sprinkler went off.  He is charged with a STATE JAIL FELONY and has been told that he is facing possible "time" in TYC. Yesterday, I RECEIVED A CALL FROM THE ASST PRINCIPAL STATING THAT HE IS EXPELLED UNTIL JANUARY 2009.  HE ALSO LOSES ALL CREDITS FOR THIS SEMESTER AND THERE ARE 5 DAYS LEFT!!!!  SHE CALLED AGAIN TODAY AND SAID HE WILL STILL BE EXPELLED BUT WE DO HAVE TO HAVE A HEARING ON TUESDAY.  SHE ALSO WAS SO KIND AS TO LET ME KNOW THAT HE CANNOT ATTEND ANY TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOL DURING HIS EXPULSION PERIOD.