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Clear Creek ISD


August 2006: Our daughter is a Special Education student and has been accused of consuming alcohol on campus. She is claiming innocence.


Her psychologist has recommended to the assistant superintendent that AEP would be detrimental to her educationally and emotionally, but they have still assigned her to AEP. In addition, racial discrimination has come into play.  15 children were involved. 13 were reported.  9 were assigned AEP.  The 4 not assigned were black as was the principal and officer involved.  1 child was publicly advised by the officer to admit to nothing.  Only 1 black student was reassigned to AEP two days after school started even though she received a phone call the day before school started telling her to go to her regular classes by the principal.


As you can see, we are in a real fix.  Our daughter has been removed from the school and is currently in a private school.  We will not change her placement during the school year at the advice of her psychologist, but if she wants to return to public school, she will be required to serve the AEP in the future. We have been searching for an attorney to help secure her due process rights.