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Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD


My son was in art classes when another student said a rude comment to my son.  My son said some rude comment back to him, and then told him to go back to his seat and leave him a lone.  When this all was happing the Teacher was in another room working on the computer at the time.  When the other student would not go back to his seat my son started to get up to move away from him. That is when other student started to push my son.  My son tried many time to go around the other student, but there was a projector on one side and a table on the other side.  The other student pushed my son over the table and that is when my son started to fight back.   When all this was happening the teacher was not in the room at all. She came in the room when she hears the other students in the room calling for her. 

The school police officers came to the classroom and took the boys to the offices.   There, they talked to the boys and got their statements.  Then they handcuffed my son and took him to the police station. 

I got text message from his friend telling me that my son got in to a fight and they were taking him to the police station.  When I called the school they wouldn’t tell me a thing.  They said “We can not give you that information” but I put my children in their hand to take care of and to let me know when something goes wrong. For them to tell me that they cannot give me that information is wrong.   2 hours later I get a call from the police station telling me that my son has been arrested for fighting at school.


My son gets a ticket and gets put in an AP school for 30 days.  My son should have not had to go to an AP school for defending himself.  If the teacher had been in the room like she should have been the fight would have never got to the point it did.  

To the CFBISD it didn’t matter to them that he was trying to defend himself, but just that he should have walked way from the fight.  Again if the teacher had been there he wouldn’t have had too. They didn’t even care to hear what happen; they had already decided what they were going to do.  From all this we had to go to court, send him to an AP school and take a class for (2) days.
When my son returned to Creekview High School they treated him differently, just waiting for him to do something else wrong.   And the teacher desk was moving into the classroom where it should have been in the beginning.  If it didn’t matter if the teacher was in the room of not, then why did they move her desk back into the room?


School systems should not have rights to take action with our children without our permission.  We are still the parent and they are still minor.  They should have to talk to us FIRST before doing anything to your children.  Why they think they have a right to do anything without the parent present.