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Texas Zero Tolerance
Brazosport ISD


April 6, 2009


Self Defense: Ongoing situation for about a year involving my 16 year-old nephew who has been having problems with a very large 18 year-old at school. Yesterday (4/6/09) morning the kid started pushing and shoving and calling names and it got worse as the day progressed. About lunch time, out on the school grounds, the kid pushed my nephew. Being tired of it, my nephew pushed back. It was then that the young man punched my nephew in the mouth and a fight broke out.

As it turned out, the young man kicked and stomped my nephew in the head and face causing him to black out. Other students stepped in to break it up but in the meantime, a principal who saw the incident did nothing. The 18 year-old, who is on the football team and has an aunt on the BISD police officer, was allowed to leave on his own while my nephew’s parents were called.

I do not know what kind of punishment the attacker received but my nephew was expelled from school for one week and then has to go to court. His mother has been told that she cannot file charges on the other young man. School officials maintain that if my nephew had just laid down and curled up in the fetal position and not fought back, he would have not been punished.


He should have laid down in the fetal position and not fought back.


Now tell me that it is not human nature to try to defend yourself when you are getting beat. This is just not right!!!! We all have the right to defend ourselves and students should not be excluded from this right!! The one who throws the first punch should be the one punished, not the one who tries to defend themselves.

BISD has a lot of problems like this but they hide it well. I am going to see that every parents knows about this website.

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