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Borger ISD


My granddaughter had finished her work and was ready to test on it. She asked to take the test and the teacher said no. My granddaughter asked why and the teacher replied,” Because I said.” Then a boy asked to take the test he was allowed to. My granddaughter went to ask why he was allowed to go and she wasn’t. The teacher said,” Because I said.” My granddaughter asked,” is it because you don't like me?” Then she returned to her seat. About 15 minutes later a police officer came in to the class and issued my granddaughter a ticket for disrupting the class. This is awful when something like this happens and when did it become against the law to ask questions in a classroom?


The principal said it is because of our lawmakers and there is nothing he can do.


The Borger school district is so concerned with sending kids to DAEP, in-school suspension, Saturday school or sending them home during a school day for things that are insignificant. Some kids are spending more time out of the classroom than in the classroom. This means there are going to be so many that will not pass or graduate because of stupid laws. The thing of it is some people can handle infractions and then there are people who get a thrill out of a power trip by punishing children. Something is wrong and if we don’t fix it really soon we will have more kids with criminal records than diplomas.