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My son Joe*, a freshman, came to the car all upset he had to go to school Saturday. He was in class and had to go to the restroom. When he asked the teacher asked where is your coupon (pass)? He didn’t have a coupon so she said he couldn’t go. Joe* said I really have to go. The teacher said if you go I will give you a tardy – they had been in class about 30 minutes. Joe* said that isn’t fair and was sent to the office.

He sat there for about an hour when the principal came in and talked to him and sent him to class. Two days later the asst. principal called Joe* to her office and gave him a choice of 2 days in school suspension or Saturday school, he said Saturday school but he thought it had already been dealt and when he explained that she laughed at him. I tried to call her when he came to the car and told me. We had plans for Saturday, which was the next day. I was getting over knee surgery and didn’t think I could make it to the office walking. The lady who answered said Mrs. XXXX was busy. I called several times and was given the same answer.

After about 45 minutes I called and said I would hold on. I waited for about 10 minutes and the phone clicked to a voice mail. I drove to the school got out made my way to the office and no one but Mrs. XXXX and 2 offices ladies were there. I said I had been waiting for you to call me back. I walked into Mrs. XXX office where she told me Joe* has Saturday school and if he doesn’t attend he will go to DAEP.

I asked if I could talk to the teacher? She said that would be Monday so I asked to get his records so I could see what he had done wrong. She said, “No I have things to do,” and then she said she would copy this paper the teacher sent and that’s all. She went to the copier and I was at the doorway when she passed back me and pushed me a little. Then I was behind her walking in the office and she put her hands on my shoulders and shoved me backwards I almost fell and my knee went backwards. It hurt so badly. Then she grabbed the door and continually pushed me back. I couldn’t move too fast. I went to the Superintendent and he said to talk to the principal so I did and was informed that the laws do not pertain to principals and if they want you out of their offices they can get you out by any means necessary, including force. I said all she had to do was ask since I was barely walking.

* Student's name changed per TZT policy


What in the world is going on? I’m thinking the only way my kids will get a proper education is by home schooling. Now if more families think this where will this leave public school? It is getting so bad here that everyone you talk to is having trouble of some sorts with our school system.